P24X: Conference Schedule

Pedagogy 24 Times Per Second:  Film and Media In the Classroom

Conference Schedule

All Panels Held in 210 Pugh Hall
All Keynotes in Ustler Hall Auditorium

Thursday, February 26th

10am-11:15am: Student Engagement and Contribution

  •      Bad Films in the Classroom – Lance Duerfahrd (Purdue University)
  •      Nurturing Intuitive Response in the First-Year Film Classroom – Anthony Coman (University of Florida)
  •      “This is Really Difficult”: Requiring Original Research in Film Studies  Undergraduate Courses – Paul McEwan (Muhlenberg College)

11:30am-12:45pm: Roundtable Discussion

  • Teaching Mise-en-Scene – Peter Gitto and Lauren Pilcher (University of Florida)

For his class, Vincent F. Rocchio defines mise-en-scène as “a concept for understanding how the elements within the frame come to signify.”  How do we lead students from identifying formal elements to making arguments about their signification?  The roundtable will include examples from films and encourage participant input.

12:45pm-1:45pm: Lunch

2pm-3:15pm: Roundtable

  • Enthusiasm in Teaching – Daniel Norford and Lauren Pilcher (University of Florida)

Our roundtable begins from Stanley Cavell’s assertion: “It is only in one’s concrete feeling for particular films that genuine conviction of its value for study can, or should, develop” (136). With this in mind, we invite participants to reflect on their own love of film, and to explore the role that this love—or enthusiasm—has played in the classroom. We especially invite reflections on how the subjective dimension of spectatorship may be used to explore the political, social, and cultural dimensions of cinema.

5:30pm-7pm: Keynote Address – Phil Solomon

8:30-10pm: Opening night dinner and reception

Friday, February 27th

10am-11:15am: The How and Why of Teaching Film and Media Studies

  •      Challenges and Realities of teaching Film and Media Studies at a Small State University – Andrea Wood (Winona State University)
  •      Why Film and Its Study Matters: Reevaluating the Stakes of What We Do – Joel Strom (University of Washington)
  •      Learning the Past with Scorsese and Allen – Rene Thomas Rodriguez (University of South Florida)

11:30am-12:45pm: Roundtable

  • Text Selection and Pairing – Anthony Coman, Peter Gitto, and Tim Robinson  (University of Florida)

This roundtable invites your participation in discussing questions related to the practical task of selecting the films and readings you teach.  Our aim is to explore the teaching philosophies and methodologies associated with this crucial aspect of text design, along with the role our own research interests play in selecting materials for a wide variety of courses, from introductory classes to graduate workshops. While considering these topics, we will exchange strategies, successes, and failures related to text selection and pairing in the film classroom.

12:45pm-1:45pm: Lunch

2pm-3:15pm: Roundtable

  • Teaching Writing – Nathaniel Deyo and Emily Glosser (University of Florida)

Here at UF, the course guidelines for ENG2300: Film Analysis suggest that the “main purpose” of the class is to train students how to to analyze “a given film’s style and structure” and “how to write about that elegantly.” This roundtable will tackle the practical difficulties involved in accomplishing this double goal by discussing topics like the following:

-How to integrate writing instruction into the presentation of a course’s core material
-How to handle high variances in students’ initial writing abilities
-How to teach students to use the vocabulary of film studies elegantly
-How to craft effective assignment prompts
-How to weigh different variables when assessing students’ work

We invite your participation in puzzling over these and other pedagogic mysteries.

5:30pm-7pm: Keynote Address – Francesco Casetti (Yale University)

Saturday, February 28th

9:30am-10:45am: Technology Access and Use

  •      Film Studies for All: Accessible Pedagogy in the Digital Age – Allison Whitney (Texas Tech University)
  •      29,000 views of La Rue: The educational and consumer appeal of video analyses as in film studies – Sam Littman (Columbia University)

11am-12:30pm: Workshop

  • Film Alongside Theory – Missy Molloy and Todd Jurgess (University of Florida)

12:45pm-1:45pm: Lunch

2pm-4pm: Keynote Address – Lucy Fischer (University of Pittsburgh)


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