Below is a schedule of all UF graduate students and faculty presenting at this year’s Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Boston, MA March 21-25th.

Wednesday March 21


Melissa Molloy (Chair) “Sex, Brutality, and Childhood in Films of the Argentine Countryside”
Gerardo Muñoz (Co-chair) “Violence as Potentiality: The Case of Aristarain’s Tiempo de Revancha
Panel: Violence in Contemporary Latin-American Cinema
Room C2

Thursday March 22


Scott Nygren (Chair) “Animals, Communists, and Caves: Benjaminian Time in Weerasethakul’s Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010)”
Panel: Aesthetics and Politics
Room F12

Melanie Brunnell (Chair) “Paradise Lost, Hope Regained: The Tramp’s Final Journey in Modern Times
Wylie Lenz (Co-chair) “Cinematic Solutions to Economic Crisis”
Panel: Depictions of Poverty in American Cinema
Room F15


Ying Xiao (Chair) “From Body Crossing to Border Crossing: Refiguring Gender, Genre, and Transnational Imaginary in Postwar Chinese Cinema”
Panel: Cold War Politics and East Asian Cinema Reconsidered
Room G11


Kevin Sherman (Chair) “Dennis Tupicoff’s Chainsaw and the Politics of Location”
Todd Jurgess “Texture as Gesture in His Mother’s Voice
Panel: The Paradoxes of Truth and Evidence: The Work of Dennis Tupicoff
Room H11

Maureen Turim “Designs of Spaces One Survives with Difficulty”
Panel: Cinema, Architecture, Space
Room H21


Lauren Glenn (Chair) “‘You Know You Can Shoot People Here’: American Cinematic Identity in Post-9/11 Combat Films”
Panel: Cinematic Identity Formation: The Ethics of Representation in Historical Fiction Films
Room I13

Craig Cieslikowski (Participant)
Workshop: Video Essays: Film Scholarship’s Emergent Form
Room I25

Friday March 23


Allison Rittmayer (Chair) “The Unseen and the Unseeable: Using Ellipsis to Represent Torture”
Panel: Historical Fiction Film: Questions of Form and Ethics
Room K17

Saturday March 24


Emily Murphy (Chair) “The Politics of Play in John and Faith Hubley’s Windy Day
Panel: Experimental Animation
Room M16


Barbara MennelPotiche: Camp and Reproductive Labor”
Panel: The Ethics of Labor in Contemporary Cinema: Working Bodies and Gendered Affects
Room N13


Mark Reid (Respondent)
Panel: Beyond Blaxploitation, 1970–1975
Room P15


Tamar Ditzian “Transgender’s Transgressions Undone in Hedwig and Rocky Horror: Reviewing Queerness in the Glam Rock Musical”
Panel: Sing-a-longs and Dance-a-thons Re-visioning the Contemporary Musical on Film and Television
Room Q2

Sunday March 25


Mark Reid “Many Rivers to Cross with Christian and Muslim Flows”
Panel: The Trouble with Britishness
Room R7

Marina Hassapopoulou “Interactive Cinema: Expanding and Updating Film Theory”
Panel: Expanded Cinema in Four Dimensions: Origins, Senses, Interactivity, Publicness
Room R25


Anthony Coman “Nev’s Dilemma, or the Coming Community of Catfish
Panel: Communities/Masses/Networks
Room S8

Craig Cieslikowski “Writing Sounds: Cinematic Writing and Cinephilia”
Panel: “A Cinema Haunted by Writing”
Room S10